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* Item number : BP-3192

* Material : PC frame with PC lenses

* Fit over design, all direction protection the wrap-around fit protects yours eyes from the sides,

as well as above and below.

* Protect wavelength : 1064nm

* Optical density : OD6+

* VLT : 30%

* Application : Diode and ND: YAG Laser Protection, for Laser Engraving machine and Fiber Marking Machine etc.

* Standard : EN207

* Packaging : individual polybag, fabric pouch or hard EVA case are acceptable

Optical density definition

■ This is a graph of the relationship between wavelength and optical density (light absorption value). Obviously, the absorption value of different wavelengths is of course different. This glasses mainly protects the wavelength of 1064nm.

■ Optical density is a complex characteristic of materials that can slow down the propagation speed of light and produce refraction (refraction) effects.

■ Different lasers (and corresponding wavelengths) have different impact on the human eye ;Generally speaking, the greater the optical density, the better the protective effect.

Biological impacts in relation laser safety

Why choose us

■ Laser safety glasses is very needed for a laser power even 5mw, they are extensively used in the field of laser alignment, laser medical treatment, laser industry etc.

■ We provide quality laser safety glasses for 200-540nm, 600-700nm, 800-1100nm, 2700-3000nm, 10600nm, IPL goggles, laser cosmetology eyewear for patients etc. The goggles we manufactured are made of high polymer and laser absorber, with high performance, and fully meet EN207 standard


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